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5 Outdoor Event Planning Mistakes

Outdoor events can be very memorable for attendees but can be a planning nightmare. All events need careful planning however there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to ensure your outdoor event is a success. Below are 5 common outdoor event mistakes to avoid.

Underestimating Costs

One of the biggest concerns with any event is the budget. Many venues have all the equipment you might need for your event but outdoor venues may not include the same equipment. Choosing the venue carefully and know what additional equipment you may need. Last minute additions can easily put you over budget. Always weather backups in your budget.

Not Enough Setup Time

Setting up an event takes a lot of preparation, but it should not be a race against the clock. Starting early helps you keep up with all the processes. There can be many different issues that are out of your control in an outdoor setting. Make sure you have a buffer for any unplanned delays.

Not Having a Bad Weather Backup Plan

Even during summer you can face bad weather. It is sometime difficult to plan for bad weather, but it is always good to be over-prepared for an outdoor event. Your backup plan can be anything as simple as umbrellas or tents. It is better to have a backup plan in place than to leave anything to chance. If you’re not familiar with local weather patterns, consult a local who may provide valuable insight.

Not Considering Guest Needs

Another common mistake is to let your guests wander around the venue to find chairs and shade. Unless you are having a dinner party, most guests will spend their time standing and chatting. Do not assume that everyone is happy with that, especially when the event is more than two hours. Provide seating for at least 80 percent of the guests, and some areas to take cover from direct sunlight.

Having Too Many Vendors

Renting equipment from many different vendors can save money but you run the risk of difficult coordination. Dealing with fewer vendors is easier to coordinate which can make the setup of your outdoor event much smoother. If possible, find a venue that includes everything in a bundle. An experienced corporate event photographer can take care of everything photo related for your event and understands the challenges of outdoor photography, which in turn allows you to focus on the operation of the event.

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