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5 Trends in Corporate Events

The only constant in corporate events is change. Advances in technology and increasingly sophisticated audiences are the driving forces that shape the upcoming trends in corporate events. It can be difficult to stay on top of this changing landscape so here are 5 of the top trends in corporate events today.

Crowd Streaming

Your attendees are not only those who are present in the venue anymore. With crowd streaming on social media, you can reach millions of other indirect participants throughout the world. Facebook Live is the obvious option you have for live broadcast but Snapchat also has something similar called Live Stories. Both allow for live video conference or broadcasting your events in real-time. You don’t have to broadcast the entire length of the event, but some key points should be enough to entice some virtual participants.

Put Attendees in Charge

One of the biggest trends right now is giving attendees greater control of their experience. This can be done through personalized agendas or substituting events. This is a great way to take some of the burden of planning off your plate and gives each attendee an individual experience. When users have access to the event planning, they can customize their experience without compromising your integrity as the professional planner. More self-service options will continue to be available as technology advances.

Informal Speaker Presentations

Informal speaker presentations are becoming more popular at events. Since these presentations are generally to smaller groups there is more opportunity for audience interaction. These types of informal sessions typically hold attention longer and make for a much more memorable event. Having an “Ask Me Anything” session is a great way to include informal presentations in your events.

More Active Year-Round Marketing

In the past, event planners had to review all things after the event to figure out which part was best and which was worst. Thanks to social media the attendees actually help planners review the event. Each online post is part of an online community that planners can utilize for planning future events. This online community also serves as ongoing marketing for the rest of the year. Keeping this community active is crucial in repeating successful  events. An easy way to have an endless supply of content for your year round marketing is properly documenting your events. An experienced corporate event photographer can not only make your event a hit but also generate content for your future marketing campaigns.
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