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The Best Event Photography Company in Dallas

Being an event organizer can be a fun but stressful job, especially if part of it is to constantly having to try to bring new aspects to an event for clients. Here at Christie’s Photographic Solutions, our Dallas corporate event photographers and the rest of our team ensure the quality our photographers bring will be such a breeze thanks to 30 years’ worth of professionalism, award-winning performance, and variety of services.

We understand that some businesses can have some struggles with Dallas photography companies, especially with lack of personnel, lack of interaction, and a lack of variation to their services.

Christie’s Photographic Solutions can change all that as we always give proposals, suggest new ideas, and customise photographic services to suit your tastes.

Our portable photo booth solution, the iLite Camera, allows you to be more interactive with your client and ensures you are always satisfied with the photos you receive. Our top-of-the-line service ensures you always have different photography options that will make your events shine.

Only Top-of-the-Line Service

Here at Christie’s Photographic Solutions, you are sure to know that our 30 years of experience will provide only the best in events coverages. Our motto “No Kids, Pets, Models or Brides” means we understand the business of your photos, and we aim to provide only the most authentic experience for you.

Our experience with various types of event coverages has allowed us to tailor our services depending on our client’s needs and interests. Our Dallas corporate event photographers all have a vested interest in your photos, which has helped elevate us into a nationally-recognized and award-winning organization.

Our team of professionals can help you come up with the best way to photograph your event, and our knowledge on photography and the event process can help make your event more effective and fun.

Why Christie’s Photographic Solutions?

Christie’s Photographic Solutions is recognized by event professionals, and we make sure you have the rights to your photos. We don’t nickel and dime you for every print, which helps you save money especially for large events.

In fact, our varied photographic services make sure your events are extra memorable by offering you a variety of ways to enjoy them. Our Dallas corporate event photographers, our staff, and our various tools also allow us to photograph groups of any size, ensuring you that you don’t have to worry about constantly grouping your guests together.

Our experience with major venues will help save you time and logistics as we know our way around hotels and major venues. Our photographers are professionally trained and attired, which ensures they are people you will be proud to have in your event.

Dallas Event Photography Services Offered

Aside from small and large events, Christie’s Photographic Solutions also cover awards, charity fundraisers, music events or concerts, event documentation, and event marketing. We also cover company events such as picnics, outings and meetings, as well as sales meetings and shareholder meetings.

Our vested interest in making your event memorable allows us to go above and beyond as a photography service. We photograph a wide variety of events, meetings, conventions and tradeshows around the country, and our professional photographers all have experience in them.

We offer some of the most experienced event photographers in Dallas and reliable event photography for the best prices. In fact, we offer a variety of other business and corporate photographs that you may use, including company group photos, location and portrait photography, award ceremonies, employee portraits, business headshots, and even outing photography.

Our team of excellent customer service representatives are always available to answer your queries 24/7 – ensuring only top-of-the-line quality anytime, any day.

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