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Instant Slide Show

Instant Wireless Slideshow for Events, Conventions, Exhibits and Tradeshows

Are you looking to make your photography for your next Washington DC convention something special?  Christie’s Photographic Solutions have some of the best event photographers in the United States with offices in Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Washington DC, we travel all around the United States and work with events of all sizes.

In order to make events even better, and the photographs more valuable to the event planners and event holders, we have put together the instant wireless slideshow.  Event photographs of attendees are put onto the wireless slideshow directly from the event photographers, adding to the excitement of your event.

_________Video Transcription_________

Patrick: I think our society is moving faster and faster. Everything is more immediate, with Twitter and texting.

Bob: We’re looking more and more to creating great photo entertainment products. One of those things is something that we have been developing over the last year is the ability to walk through your crowd or a party, photographing your guests, and as we photograph them, their pictures start hitting the screens that you already have up for your event.

Patrick: These are immediate products. The wireless slideshow is something that you immediately see your picture up there. You have a slideshow going during the event, not like the old days, where we might take pictures over the course of an event, and at the final dinner, we show it.

Bob: We roam the room with a wireless set-up, which allows the photographer to capture your guests having a lot of fun at your functions, and instantly hit the screen.

Patrick: The wireless slideshow is a great product because photographers take pictures, this is with conventional cameras, regular camera, take a picture, and it instantly goes to a computer that then can show it on a big screen, or a projection, or a monitor. People literally see their pictures within five seconds of it being taken, and it adds to the fun of the party. If you have a big event, if you have events in different rooms, you can have two or three photographers all feeding into a single slideshow or feeding into separate slideshows.

Bob: If you already have an awards program, an after-party, those kind of things where you have screens set up, the setup is very little. When we provide the instant wireless slideshow, we will provide a technician, a photographer, and all of the wireless equipment that we need to attach to your existing AV requirements, whether they be screens or flat screens, plasmas, that sort of thing, to create a wonderful entertainment opportunity.

Patrick: if you want the wireless slideshow, it just takes one call to Christie’s. Again, we provide all the equipment, all the technicians, everything that you need, except for the projector or the monitor, how it is being shown. As I said, we can even provide that. We just come in, we set it up on a table, and go shoot.

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