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iLite Tablet Camera

With the iLite Camera, our experienced event photographers, can make your branded event photographs go viral.

Creating Viral Event Photos

Photos taken with our iLite camera can be

“A new one of our latest, greatest innovative products is what we call our iLite camera.”

“There’s two values. One is immediacy. People actually get this picture within, say, 30 seconds of us e-mailing it to them. The second value is that it’s different. It’s something that they’ve never really seen before, something that kind of causes a little conversation. Once they get them, it can then be e-mailed further. They can e-mail it to their friends. They can put in on their Facebook page.

Incidentally, we can put this also on a corporate Facebook page. It just gets you more traffic. It gets people more interested in the company, and again, the company looks more modern and high tech with it.”

“This is a marriage of an iPad, special software with custom overlays, and a special light product that we can roam the room photographing your guests as well. After we photograph them, we simply enter in their e-mail address. They’ve got a great branded photograph instantly.

With that product also, if you wish, we could print all the photographs that the photographers are doing and wirelessly transmit them to a kiosk for your guests to pick up. One of the keys of the photo entertainment product is a great residual value for the meeting planners. The fact that they’ve seen it and do it while they’re there, they have something they can touch and walk away with, being the photograph. Now, when they get home or to their room, or whatever they’re doing, they can open their e-mail, and it just has more bang for the buck by having your brand in front of them once again.

Of course, when they are going to have a fun photograph, you know exactly what they are going to do with it. They’re going to shoot it across the country, put in on their Facebook with your brand. It just multiplies the opportunities.”

“There’s a single fixed fee, as many e-mails, as many prints as you want. Incidentally, you can just do e-mail only, prints only, or both.”

“Another great feature of the iPad product as we roam the room, let people e-mail all these fun photographs for the people–of course, branded–is the fact that we can plug in your company’s Facebook account. One account, all the photos will also be copied there as well as e-mailed to your attendees. This will drive some of your Web marketing efforts as well, so that all your guests are able to go to your Facebook page. It adds just another level and no additional cost for its great added feature.”

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