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iLite – Las Vegas Event Photo Booth Alternative

Christie’s Photographic Solutions developed the iLite Camera, a Las Vegas photo booth alternative ideal for events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs.

The tablet uses a unique flat panel light source on the back, as well as special software with custom overlays that allows guests to print, email, or post their photos directly to Facebook from the event! The efficient design of the iLite allows the photographer to wander around the event, capturing photos of guests who would have otherwise been missed.

Advantages of the iLite Camera- More Versatile and Fun Than a Photo Booth

The Las Vegas portable photo booth is ideal for your wedding or bar mitzvah. Guests can take fun photos anytime and anywhere within your event, providing the opportunity for one of a kind photos. After the photo is taken, guests have the option to print their photo, email it to themselves or someone else, or post it directly to social media.

Posting the photos instantly to Facebook provides you, your guests, and friends and family who were unable to make the event the chance to see the photos. Photos are posted with a branded message specific to your event – perhaps your wedding date or information about your son’s bar mitzvah.

The compact design of the iLite is perfect for events where floor space is limited. Unlike traditional photo booths that sit in the corner and take up space, the iLite Camera is a portable photo booth that the photographer can transport around your venue while capturing photos of all your guests. The iLite’s flat panel lighting does not flash like a conventional camera, making it unobtrusive for you and your guests.

Photo Booth that Comes to Your Wedding Or Bar Mitzvah Guests

Because the iLite Camera can travel to your guests, the photographer is more likely to capture a greater number of unique photos during your event. During weddings or bar mitzvahs, you are often too busy to spend as much time with every guest as you would like. With the iLite, your photographer can capture photos of friends and family that you might not have gotten otherwise.

Make Your Guest Photos The Talk Of Your Party!

Don’t waste time or money on a clunky, outdated photo booth at your wedding or bar mitzvah. The iLite Camera’s unique and sleek design is the perfect photo booth alternative to ensure you and your guests make lasting memories on your big day.

For more about the iLite Camera, contact Christie’s Photographic Solutions or click here to read more.

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