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Christie’s Photographic PhotoShare Kiosks for your next meeting

Get your photos in the hands of your attendees faster than ever before. Make them shareable on all forms of social media and email with the PhotoShare Kiosks. Another great photography service from the innovators in event photographic services.


Hi, my name is Bob Christie.  I’m with Christie’s Photographic Solutions. We’re live here in Orlando, Florida debuting our brand new photo technology, called PhotoShare.

One of the things that we always hear from attendees is, “Where’s our photographs? How can we get our photographs?”

Your attendees can come up to our touch screen kiosk, find the picture that they like the best. You have the option of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or we can print it, put it in a folder for them as a great takeaway for the evening. This could be done for a one-night event, or a multi-day convention, whatever you need done.

We know how important the social media side is to meetings. What this does is carries a great residual value of the meetings that you’ve spent a lot of time and money on, it carries it through in months, when all these pictures start hitting Twitter and Facebook, very fun, very interactive, engaging. We think it’d be great addition for you to offer to your attendees.

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