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Video Transcription – Washington D.C.



After 30 years in business, we had tremendous demand for doing conventions and events photography in the DC market. So, this will be our fifth city. And we’ve recently opened an office there. It has been very successful so far. We are currently working in all of the venues, as far as the major convention hotels, museums, and convention venue spaces for meeting planners.

What we’re going to bring, we believe, to the DC market is very much a team approach. Where you call us, there will always be someone available, not only to answer your question, but to provide photographic services. We, as a company, take ownership of everything that we do, and that we provide to our clients.

Because then we always ask, what can we do better than, perhaps, what you’ve received before? We’ve heard stories such as, they haven’t gotten the images. The images were lost.

They were corrupt on the card, so the photographer could never get them. They’re out of focus, or the photographers show up in jeans and a photo vest. Those type of things, not the kind of things that you really want your C level execs to see or be aware of.

When we show up to your event, we’re going to show up properly attired, properly insured. That’s very important. We know where the rooms are at your properties.

We know what’s going on with the lighting. We know how to work with you. No excuses type attitude for capturing your event.

Some of the services that we provide within the industry are exhibit and trade show photography. Very important for your exhibitors to be successful. We provide services within their booth, for show management, of course.

We can provide photographers to document that event, allowing use for marketing and documentation for the following year. Your convention and meeting side, where you have speakers and keynote address. Additionally, we can provide the type of giveaways that somebody might want.

If you want green screen where we can print on site, giving all of your attendees very quickly their prints to walk away with. We also have brand new products, as our instant wireless slide show. Very interactive photo entertainment with your guests, as well as our new iLite camera, which utilizes an iPad camera system, and allows people to use the social media right on site.

We could put them on an FTP if they’re for your specific use. We can put it on an FTP site. We can send them to you on a DVD. If you’re looking to have that shared with all your attendees, we can build a custom website that will look just like your meeting site for all your people to go for free downloads, emails, Twitter, Facebook, whatever you’d like to do with them. Or we can set up a secured account that allows you and specific people that you direct to go and get the photographs, in such a way that only they can get them.

The events that we primarily focus are association and corporate meetings and events, could range from 30 or 40 people here just on a site visit to see DC. It could be as simple as a three hour awards evening program. Or it can be a five-day, 10,000 person citywide convention.

We understand the things that you need. And we’re going to make sure that that’s all included. So when you get your pricing, it is going to be the pricing you end up with.

You’re not going to have issues with getting your images, not only in a quality way so they are reusable, but in a manner that allows them to get to you very quickly, and provide that service from beginning to end. Because the customer service level as important to us as the photographic level. And I think that clearly will set us apart on a day to day basis from our competition.

One of the prominent features of being in the DC market is the request for covering political events. We work very closely with a lot of government meeting planners. We can have all the security clearances anybody that might need to do the event. That is very important, and a necessity in the Washington DC market.

We’re very comfortable with high level VIPs and interacting with them. We understand their needs. We are currently working with the RNC in Tampa. We work with politicians in DC. And really what that brings is a continuity, which is important to your marketing effort, that your marketing looks the same wherever it’s done. Christies, with having the multiple offices, brings that continuity to you marketing, capturing the same energy that are needed wherever we might be able to help you.


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