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Welcome to Christie's Photographic Solutions, National & International Event Photographers. We offer a wide variety of event photography services with 30 years of experience, a trained, professional photography staff & the ability to insure that photographing your next event goes better then planned.


Christie’s Photographic Solutions National and International Event Photographers

Corporate Photographers | Orlando | Las Vegas | Miami | Tampa | Washington D.C. | Dallas

When choosing event photographers in Orlando, Las Vegas, or around the country, you have to ask what is important. Many people think simply hiring someone with a camera is good enough. Do they really understand what is important in great event photography? Will they represent you, your event and your company properly? What if there is an injury? What if their equipment breaks down? What if the photographer gets sick or does not show?

The Christie’s Photography Advantage Means The
Best Event Photos And More

With a smaller event photographer, you could find an incredible photographer, but you might have to worry about a car breaking down, a photographer getting sick, or the equipment not working. Christie’s Photographic Solutions has experienced event photographers, modern equipment and a fleet of vehicles so you do not have to worry about a thing. This is especially important when it comes to having the best photographs for your next seminar, corporate/ holiday party, tradeshow, or company meeting. Our event photographers show up on time, rain or shine. You have 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to our company, with no answering machines. With our fleet of professionally attired vehicles and equipment transports, rest assured that properly dressed photographers will show up on time ready to photograph your next seminar or company meeting. This allows you to put your best foot forward to your company’s executives, staff and clientele.

Fully Insured Staff and Fleet of Event Photographers
Christie’s Photographic Solutions

Christie’s photography is not just taking great event, convention and exhibit photos. Christie’s Photographic Solutions carries $3 million umbrella coverage and workman’s compensation. This insurance means your company is well protected in the unlikely case of an accident involving our event photographers and staff. This is often overlooked but critical when planning an event. What if there is a mishap? Will your event photographer be covered, or will your company have to pay? If you hire Christie’s Photographic Solutions, with offices in Orlando, Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa and Washington D.C., you know your company and peace of mind is protected!

Experience You Can Count On For Any Size Events | Photographers Specializing in only Event and Corporate Photography

Whether 10 or 10,000 people, or anywhere in between, Christie’s Photographic Solutions can assist your event. We have worked regularly and are preferred photographers for all of the major meeting venues throughout Florida, Las Vegas and the US including: The Disney Hotels, the Ritz-Carlton, Harrah’s, Bally’s and Caesar’s Palace among many more. (Visit our event photography references and testimonials page to learn more). We have photographed presidents, Fortune 500 CEO’s and A- list celebrities, and we can make your entire company feel just as important.

Our experienced event photography staff has extensive knowledge of most event sites and the ability to photograph any sized gathering. Christie’s photography is only corporate and event photography and it shows.

As we say around Christie’s Photographic Solutions, “No Kids, Pets, Models, or Brides”. This means we focus on the business side so we can give you the best photographs for your next important company event.

Don’t Let Our Experience Intimidate you When Looking for Photographs for a Small Event or Party

Because we have been doing event photography for over 30 years, Christie’s professional event photographers can capture and produce the best event photographs at the most competitive rates. For any sized event, whether 4 people or 4,000, all of our pricing is clear.

Event Photographers That Give you The Complete Rights to Your Event Photographs

We give free event images with all rights. Christie’s photography professionals will not nickel and dime you after the event. You can be guaranteed your photos will not be resold or be put on the internet without your permission because Christie’s Photographic Solutions has a strong reputation of 30 years of excellence to uphold.

Christie’s Event Photographers | Professional Photographers
Specialized in Events and Business Photography

We photograph all types of Events, Meetings and Parties including:

Additional Services:
  • Multi Day Events
  • Event Documentation
  • Digital Slide Shows for Events
  • Photo Giveaways for events and Conventions
  • Event Site Green Screen Photography
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Las Vegas Wedding Receptions
  • Company Picnics
  • Music Events
  • Small Events
  • Large Events
  • Company Milestones
  • Visit our Types of Events Page to Learn More

Meeting and Event Photographic Services
Orlando | Las Vegas | Miami | Tampa | Washington D.C.

Christie’s Photographic Services offers a wide variety of On-Site/At the Event Site and Services including Green Screens, Corporate Portraits at the Events and Printing at the event. Please visit our Event Photography Services to learn more.

Contact an Experienced Professional Event Photographer Today!

Christie’s Photographic Solutions has a reputation of great, reliable service at great prices. To insure that your next event is photographed well, contact us at any of our event photography offices. Call Today or email Christie’s Photographic Solutions for a free event photography consultation and estimate.

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